Other side of Brad Pitt And Angelina’s Split part 1

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting together was a huge scandal. Since the farmer was married at the time after their clandestine beginning. It took these two forever to finally tie the knot. It seemed like almost immediately after marrying they became embroiled in a messy divorce.

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller

Before we get to brad lets talk about Angelina’s previous husbands. She met actor Johnny Lee Miller on the set of the 1995 movie Hackers. The two fell in love and married a mere six months after filming. Jolie wore a pair of rubber pants and a white t-shirt with her new husbands name on it written in blood.Although Jolie walked down the aisle with miller.

There was someone else she nearly married instead at the same time. She was seeing actress Jenny Shimizu, who she met on the set of the Teen Drama fox fire according to Joe Lee. It was love at first sight, she even claimed that if she had not married Miller, she would have ended up marrying Shimizu instead. Eventually she did marry John Lee Miller. The marriage didn’t last, but the two remained friends to this day.

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina Jolie is much more highly publicized relationship with Billy Bob Thornton. They met on the set of Pushing Tin and at the time they were both involved with other people. Angelina Jolie was dating her playing god co-star Timothy Hutton and Thornton was engaged to Laura Dern. However in no time at all Jolie and Thornton were married leaving their prior partners shocked and feeling betrayed.

Jolie and Thornton certainly seemed passionate about each other. They even wore vials of each others blood around their necks according to 410. The two had different goals in life, while Jolie loved to travel. Thornton was a homebody, he claims he never felt good enough for her and the marriage ultimately ended in divorce.

Angelina Jolies Weds Brad Pitt

As we all know Angelina Jolies next marriage was to Brad Pitt. Both met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. At the time Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston. Considering jollies’s past of relationship overlaps and sleeping with co-stars, it was easy to cast her as the villain in this love saga.

Pitt was looking for a way out of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. When he met Angelina Jolie unlike other Hollywood marriages, there seemed free of infidelities and scandals which is what made this split so shocking. But Pitts was feeling burnt out and unhappy in his marriage and he had felt that way for a long time for her part.

Aniston claims, she was aware of these issues and was willing to put the work in to save their marriage. But apparently Brad Pitt was willing to cut and run and found the perfect opportunity when he met Angelina Jolie.

Jolie claims that when she and Pitt met neither one was looking for love while working together. The two formed a very real friendship with one another that gradually grew into something more by the time filming wrapped up on Mr. and Mrs. smith. The two were completely smitten with one another to many outsiders.

It seems like her relationship with Brad Pitt mimicked her past romances. They met on set while one of them was involved with someone else and quickly began a relationship. But the difference this time was that they weren’t rushing down the aisle. In fact they waited so long to get married that some people doubted it would ever happen.

Brad Pitt And Angelina’s Kids

Both Pitt and Jolie acknowledged they had been married before and seemed ambivalent on getting married again. It even took them a while to define the relationship according to Jolie. It was not until her son Maddox started calling Pitts dad. The bear considered making their romance official soon after their family was joined by another child named Sahara, who was adopted from Ethiopia.

Although Jolie was the official adopter. Pitts was still considered part of the family then everyone was shocked to learn that the two of the most beautiful people in Hollywood were expecting a child together. Pitt was working to formally adopt Maddox and Zahara. When Jolie discovered, she was pregnant soon the world was graced with the presence of Shiloh Jolie Pitt. Since a couple now had three children together. We all wondered when they were going to tie the knot already.

Next came their son Pax, who was adopted from Vietnam. Before we knew it Jolie was pregnant once more. This time with twins Vivian and Knox. Now the couple had six kids spent their time traveling all over the world. But over time huge strides were made in terms of marriage equality. The couple faced pressure from a pretty persuasive source.


Their kids were constantly asking when their parents would get married. They wanted the extra sense of stability and gradually Pitt and Jolie realized they wanted it as well. After a decade of being together, they finally got engaged. These two were established in their careers. They were experienced in relationships and they had been together for a decade. It seemed as if all signs were pointing to a long-lasting marriage.

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