Other side of Brad Pitt And Angelina’s Split Relation part 2

This is the second part of Other side of Brad Pitt And Angelina’s Split relationship. Angelina Jolie had undergone a preventative mastectomy in order to reduce her risk of developing cancer. After losing her mother grandmother and aunt to the disease. She was not willing to take any chances. When doctors told her, she was showing warning signs of cancer. Jolie took action shortly after the wedding. Jolie once again had surgery removing her ovaries in another attempt to avoid getting cancer.

This would be difficult for anyone to go through let alone a mother of six. But for all intents and purposes it seemed as if she and her husband were a united front dedicated to supporting one another. Although they were all smiles for the cameras things were getting bad in the Jolie-Pitt household.

The couple was facing serious issues and were growing apart. Angelina Jolie had an idea on how to save her marriage and it was a little unorthodox. She wrote directed and starred in a movie called by the sea about a couple dealing with marital problems.

She and Pitt had not been on set together in a decade. She was hoping doing so again would cause them to fall back in love and work on their issues. They had worked together brilliantly in the past and Jolie was sure they could do it again in the movie. Pitts character is intent on writing a short story and burying his troubles and alcohol. It turns out this may have been art imitating life a bit too closely.

When we think of a Hollywood actor with a drinking problem, we usually think of highly publicized DUIS and stints in rehab. But there were many people out there a celebrity or not who were functional alcoholics and Brad Pitt was one of them. He later admitted he had a serious drinking problem and could drink a Russian under the tail with his own vodka for a long time.

Pitt was in denial until he realized he couldn’t recall a single day in which he didn’t drink. Since college after wrapping up by the ceed Pitt and Jolie seemed to be kept busy and far apart with various projects. It was filming allied and war machine. The next thing we knew Jolie was filing for divorce.

She did so sighting in reconcilable differences. But the truly shocking part was that she requested physical custody of the children. It was only later that we learned of Pitts struggles with substance abuse. This combined with his alleged anger issues is what led Jolie to file for divorce.

There was an incident abroad the family’s private jet which caused Pitts to be investigated by both the FBI and the Los Angeles department of child and family services. According to reports Jolie and Pitts were fighting and Maddox jumped in to defend his mother at that point.

It was accused of engaging in a physical altercation with his own son. Sources disagree on just how intoxicated Pitts was at this time but both agencies concluded that they found no evidence of abuse.

Brad Pitt admits that being served with divorce papers felt like a type of death. His first instinct was to cling to his wife in his marriage but it was too late according to Pitts. He has seen many couples come to hate each other after divorce because they have children together. He desperately did not want this to be the case with himself and Jolie. He became dedicated to getting clean and making friends with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Brad Pitt was all too ready to accept the blame for his failed relationship and believe he wasn’t grateful enough for what he had with his wife and family. But before we blame everything on Pitt remember there are two sides to this story while he made mistakes.

Pitt was eager to rectify them and quit drinking cold turkey. But while he wanted to keep his family together its Jolie who was desperate to tear it apart. A judge threatened to remove her primary custody if she didn’t stop interfering with kit seeing his kids after the plane incident.

Jolie stopped working for a year and became increasingly reclusive. She did everything in her power to prevent Pitt from seeing their children. Jolie claims she needed to take an entire year off to make sure that her children were doing all right. She referred to her kids as her bed friends and admits that she can be reclusive during the best of times.

Its hard to say whether Jolie was dedicated to helping her children heal or if she was relying on them for emotional support during this time despite his struggles. Pitt is committed to keeping clean and has even voluntarily taken drug tests to prove this still. Its been difficult to see his children even when visitation was arranged Maddox allegedly refused to attend several of the sessions.

Eventually Pitt and his son were able to reunite with the help of a family therapist like any other couple working on getting a divorce. Pitt and Jolie began to divide up their property this included selling their vineyards chateau miraval the estate and vineyard are located in the village of torrence friends. Currently the bottles produce say Jolie-Pitt.

But new labels are being printed for future batches considering the fact that pitch struggles with alcoholism or guessing hes glad to say goodbye to one more temptation and what would any good Hollywood divorce story be without rumors of an affair during her marriage to Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie kept him isolated from many of his friends including George Clooney.

Naturally after their split it was eager to reconnect with old friends. He had lost touch with and forge new connections immediately. We heard rumors that George Clooney was trying to set him up with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

But these were honestly pretty laughable one rumor which made slightly more sense, was that pit was having an affair with Marion Cotillard had fit once more found love on set with his allied co-star making the situation even more scandalous was that cotillard was expecting a child with longtime partner young Kanay.

However they were going to file this under spurious rumors Cotillard flat-out denied any involvement with Brad Pitt and claimed to wish him and his soon-to-be ex-wife the best. There was unsubstantiated rumors that Jolie has already moved on as well including some that she involved with the mysterious philanthropist and is ready to move herself and her children in with him and get married. But if for no other reason than this divorce being dragged on forever.

We highly doubt it during their contentious divorce battle. Jolie claims Pitt failed to provide child support. Pitt shows that he not only gave his soon-to-be ex-wife 1.3 million dollars but he lent her 8 million dollars to buy a new home.

Every time we think this divorce must be getting close to being finalized something happens to drag it out further. who do you think holds the majority of the blame for the split of this famous couple let us know your thoughts.

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